Business Alarm Systems

Business Alarm Systems

Business Alarm Systems Burglar Alarm

Burglar Alarm

Let Your Workplace Be Protected by Experts

Don’t be afraid of burglary attempts to your office, company, businesses and similar commercial establishments, especially for your electronic devices, safes and bill stubs that will cause you to be in difficult situation when used by malicious people. The security solutions offered by Tepe Security prevent thieves from becoming a partner in your profits.

Do Not Endanger Your Savings

As research shows, the TEPE Workplace Burglar Alarm System, which is one of the most deterrent measures to prevent theft, can prevent commercial losses that will adversely affect your working life. You cannot prevent extortion by means of iron bars, steel doors, shutters, blinds and similar ineffective methods. With the Burglar Alarm, you can prevent both financial loss and security of all official documents and customer information belonging to your company.

Fire Alarm

If Precaution Is Not Taken A Single Spark Can Cause Disaster

The risk of losing both your life and your valuable goods with a fire that begins suddenly and spread out of control in a short period of time is a serious threat that cannot be ignored.

Sensitive Detectors Save Life Against Fire Threat

Moreover, it is higher than you think you are likely to face disasters that you cannot intervene if you are not at your workplace or lose consciousness by breathing poisonous gasses when you are in the form of sleep and blackout. The Tepe Fire Alarm System is one of the most effective methods to prevent possible losses with its fast response capability.

Business Alarm Systems Fire Alarm
Business Alarm Systems Gas Leakage Alarm

Gas Leakage Alarm

The Safest Solution Against Gas Leakages

Natural gas leaks begin with symptoms such as headaches and nausea; and if not noticed can cause loss of life. You can protect yourself and your loved ones from risk of poisoning thanks to Tepe Gas Leakage Alarm System.

No Need to Worry About Sneaky Leaks

In case of any gas leaks that occur in your home, the signals from your detectors reach the Tepe Alarm Monitoring Centre. Tepe Alarm Monitoring Centre calls you and if necessary calls law enforcement officers to your home.

Flood Alarm

Do Not Leave A Drop by Drop Incoming Flood Nightmare To Luck

A faucet you forgot to close, the backfiring of your domestic wastewater pipes or a sneaky crack at the junction of the dishwasher and washing machine extension hose, will eventually cause hue problems such as swelling parquets, unusable carpets, plugs, electrical systems and cable paths. With the Flood Alarm System, you can keep these problems away from your home. The Flood Alarm provides the quickest intervention for an unpleasant flood nightmare when you have an emergency telephone call from your neighbour while you are not at home or when you wake up and feel the shock of the water as soon as your feet touch the ground.

Quick Intervention, Minimal Loss Due to Early Warning System

The Tepe House Security Flood Alarm System, developed for you to take immediate precautions by easily perceiving the threat of a flood that can cause huge damage, prevents your house from flooding.

Business Alarm Systems Flood Alarm
Business Alarm Systems Medical Alarm

Medical Alarm

We Are With You When You Need Medical Intervention

Tepe Medical Alarm System, which is with you at any time of the day, is used in situations where the person needs emergency medical intervention or feels insecure medically. The Medical Alarm is a rescuer for health problems that outbreak suddenly and cause stress especially for extremely ill and elderly people.

Your Life Saver Helper

The Household Medical Alarm System can also be activated by remote control if requested. As soon as the emergency call is received, the nearest ambulance will be directed to your home by the Tepe Alarm Monitoring Centre.

Panic Alarm

Panic Is Not A Solution

Tepe Panic Alarm System provides security by directing law enforcement officers to your home when you activate it in situations such as violence, robbery, theft, and infringement of space, threats or coercion.

Panic Alarm Controls Danger

It’s hard to make the right decision while under pressure and stress. If you are locked under threat, Panic Alarm helps users to get the most accurate solution in the fastest way.

Business Alarm Systems Panic Alarm

What are the Components?

What are the Components?
Business Alarm Systems How Does The System Work?

How Does The System Work?

* When there is a situation such as a burglary attempt, panic, fire, gas leak, flood or where medical intervention is required, a signal is sent to the Tepe Alarm Monitoring Centre through the detectors and buttons in your home.
* Tepe Alarm Monitoring Centre operators immediately call the user to determine the truth of the signal and the content of the problem.
* After user approval, law enforcement, fire services, police and medical units direct to the address without losing any time. Tepe Alarm Monitoring Centre terminates the alarm condition by providing feedback from relevant units guided by the operators.

TEPE Alarm Monitoring Centre

Tepe Alarm Monitoring Centre started to provide service with ‘’Alarm Center Establishment and Operation Certificate’’ and ‘’Alarm System Establishment Certificate’’ approved The Governorship of Ankara, which was obtained from the General Directorate of Security of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Turkey on 25.11.2004.

Tepe Alarm Monitoring Centre activities will continue uninterrupted even in natural disasters or in the event of a breakdown 365 days / 24-hour in Turkey's 81 provinces. Our center constantly tracks the signals from the user's systems. It notifies the relevant security units according to a warning signal.

It is the first backup alarm Monitoring Centre that provides services in different regions of Turkey (Ankara - İstanbul). Tepe Alarm Monitoring Centre also provides a call center service where all kinds of information can be received in addition to alarm conditions.

Tepe Alarm Monitoring Centre operators have been selected from those with high experience and education.

All employees in the center have Security Identity Card in accordance with Law No. 5188.


  • Privacy at the Tepe Alarm Monitoring Centre is the basic principle. Authorizations are not processed without obtaining password information.
  • According to the request of the customers, if the system is set up and closed hours are specified in advance, the entry and exit violations made outside of the specified hours are notified by SMS or by direct call (according to the demand). These situations can also be reported to the customers.
  • If requested, the system can be regularly reported every day at what time, by whom it was established or closed.
  • During alarm evaluation procedures; type of alarm, zone, time and alternative intervention patterns are taken into consideration.
  • In the Tepe Alarm Monitoring Centre, all telephone calls made by customers and law enforcement officers are received in a computer environment without interruption and these records are kept for six months.
  • Alarm Monitoring Centre Operators make reminders by calling customers who have not installed the system for a long period of time.
  • System faults that cannot be detected by the users are signaled to the Tepe Alarm Monitoring Centre so system problems are intervened as soon as possible.
  • If the customer forgets to set up or shut down the customer system, the system can be activated or deactivated by remote connection depending on request.
  • If requested in workplaces, such as a bank, a jeweller or a marketplace, a secret panic button is inserted in the alarm system and a gun robbery and mugging attempts are transmitted to the Tepe Alarm Monitoring Centre. In this case Tepe Alarm Monitoring Centre calls the police directly.
TEPE Alarm Monitoring Centre

Business Alarm System with Video Verification

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