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Tepe Security system; thanks to the detectors located in area, provides the fastest way to direct units such as police, ambulance or fire department to your home or workplace in case of emergencies such as theft, fire, gas leaks, flood and medical interventions.  Thanks to the TEPE Alarm Monitoring Centre, which provides 24/7 service, the signals from your alarm system are constantly tracked and relevant security units are notified according to the current warning signals.

With this system, you feel more peaceful, you can say hello to a life free from your worries.

TEPE Alarm Monitoring Centre; provides services all over the Turkey throughout 24 – hour 365 – days uninterrupted.

 It is the first backup Alarm Monitoring Centre that serves in different regions of Turkey (Ankara and Istanbul).

In the event of any natural disaster or disruption, our backup system will continue to provide uninterrupted signals from your alarm system.

Thanks to the TEPE Alarm Monitoring Centre, which provides 24/7 service, the signals from your alarm system are constantly tracked and relevant security units are notified according to the current warning signals.

The TEPE Alarm Monitoring Centre service is an integral part of your Tepe Security system.  The system only works locally if you do not receive a warning in a possible emergency during the time your security system is not connected to any Alarm Monitoring Centre. It is recommended that you also take the Tepe Alarm Monitoring Centre service together with your Tepe Security system for your safety to function as a full security system.

Each of the customer has a pre-defined security password.  In an emergency, the Tepe Alarm Monitoring Centre customer representative will ask for this security password at the very beginning and will continue the process if the correct answer is received.

In the event of a power loss, the battery connected to your alarm panel becomes a part of an activity and runs for a minimum of 8 hours.

In such cases, the battery in the siren becomes a part of an activity and the siren continues to run until the battery is exhausted. In such cases, the Tepe Alarm Monitoring Centre receives a signal that the siren has been interfered with and the Alarm Monitoring Centre informs the authorities immediately. With the approval of the authorities, the related law enforcement officers (police, fire department, ambulance) are directed to the scene.

When you enter your house or office while the alarm is on you must first enter your password in the passwprd panel. This is how system recognises you. The system allows a certain amount of time for you to enter your password to prevent accidental ringing of sirens when entering your house or workplace and to prevent unfounded alerts. You can detemine this time by yourself.

Yes it is. You can set up your Tepe Security system in ‘In-House Setup Mode’. In-house Setup Mode is the installation where the motion detectors are passive and the other detectors are active when you are in your room. In this way, it is aimed to protect the area by recognising the freedom of movement of the people in the area. The alarm is activated when there are unauthorised enteries to your home / workplace due to magnetic contacts in your windows or doors.  In order to use this feature, you can determine which detectors are to be activated / deactivated together with our technical service team during the assembly process.

If you are disposed to move your security system in your home or workplace, you can move to the new place and continue to use it comfortably. For this, our specialists will carry out a new area discovery at the new location, and sometimes your additional detector needs will be determined when necessary.  At the end of this process, you can continue to use your system as an old one.

You can temporarily cancel your employees’ passwords by calling the Tepe Alarm Monitoring Centre, which provides 24/7 remote connection service.  As an alternative to this resolution, you can call the Tepe Alarm Monitoring Centre without password cancellation and declare thet you are away and set up a special holiday opening alarm.  In this case, even if your alarm system is turned on with a password, the Tepe Alarm Monitoring Centre will let you know which user has opened it with your password.

It is enough to report your working hours by calling the Tepe Alarm Monitoring Centre.  When your workplace is logged in with password outside the specified hours, our alarm Monitoring Centre notifies you via SMS. In addition, if you forget to set up your alarm at the end of working hours, Tepe Alarm Monitoring Centre informs you by SMS again.

It is enough for you to call 444 83 73/3 for all your breakdowns, maintenance, transport and additional detector requirements for your Tepe Security system. Your system is covered by warranty during the rental period, while your system is covered for two years in the case of purchased systems. Malfunctions caused by user errors are additionally charged.

In case of any unauthorised access to your house or workplace, the camera motion detectors transmit a 10 second video of the event to the Tepe Alarm Monitoring Centre.
The Tepe Alarm Monitoring Centre examines this video content to determine the cause and the reality of the alarm situation. When a real danger and violation of the protected area is detected, Tepe Alarm Centre is contacted with law enforcement officers.

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