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Tepe Security is one of the leading and respected institutions in the electronic security sector, providing services in 81 provinces of Turkey with its special electronic security solutions, alarm systems and Alarm Monitoring Center for individuals and institutions. Tepe Security, which closely follows the technological developments in the world and works to provide a safer future to its customers with its experience and knowledge in the field, from homes and workplaces to large institutions, Turkey's leading multi-point retail chains, bank branches and their affiliated ATMs. offers a wide range of services.

Tepe Security, which started its activities in 1992; After the merger in 2021, it continues to work as a Securitas group company.

Established in Sweden in 1934, Securitas provides services in a total of 48 countries, with a wide range of services ranging from expert security services to technological solutions, consultancy and research, with more than 355,000 employees.

Tepe Security's vision is to be a pioneering and leading company that sets the trends for a safer future. In line with this vision, Tepe Security continues to maintain its knowledge in the sector, which it has created with its experience and leadership in its field, with the strength it receives from a deep-rooted and international structure like Securitas.

Company Policy

Our policy as a leading organisation in the security systems sector in terms of technology and quality is to be aware of our responsibilty towards the enviroment, society and employees; to provide satisfaction to our customers by offering products and services on their expectations.

In this direction our aim is;
To increase our productivity by working with the suppliers that we provide goods and services, primarily through cooperation and trust that will ensure quality, environmental awareness and work safety. All activities are aimed at better and constantly evaluating all our services systemativally and regularly in the fields and units. 

Within the scope of our work, first we undertake all duties necessaru to comply with all relevant legal requirements, including environment, occupational health and safety, to prevent environmental effects, polution and accident risks.

Providing continuity of the Integrated Management System is our common duty and future as company employees.


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Securitas Alarm with Numbers

Securitas Alarm with Numbers