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Newly-Weds And Bachelors

Newly-Weds And Bachelors

Complete Security For Unlimited Freedom

To decorate your home according to your tastes, to take part in more social events such as going to a concert or the theatre, to organise mini holidays for the weekend...

Never forget that you are the one who is responsible for your home and personal security in this world and in which you have carefully created your own boundaries and that you enjoy fully.

We Look Out For Your Home So That You Can Enjoy Life More

As Tepe Güvenlik, we present young people that spend most of their lives outside for work and social occasions, security solutions, and help them by sharing their responsibilities. 

For more information about our special cable and cable less alarm system packets that we have prepared for newly-weds and bachelors, click here.

Families With Children

The Peace And Safety Of Your Family Are More Important Than Anything

It is without a doubt that the priority of most parents is the safety of their children. Fortunately enough, today’s technology is a great tool for parents that worry about their kids.

The Tepe Security Visual Alarm System has been designed for your family. You can be sure that your baby is in safe-hands with the baby sitter, that your older children are sticking to the rules and that unwanted visitors aren’t entering your home by controlling the system at all times from your phone or tablet.

In addition, with the Tepe Security Visual Alarm System’s alarm verification with video feature you can find out the reason for an accidental alarm going off and you can peacefully go about your workday and take part in social events without a worry. How does the Alarm Verification with Video work?

Even If You Are Out All Day You Can See Your Children 24/7

Because of the mobile application that the system has, you can see your children whenever you want. By leaving your worries behind, knowing that your family is safe, you can concentrate exactly on whatever you want in your work and social life. Furthermore, our medical alarm allows fast access to medical intervention in case of any needs your children might have. 

For further information about special packets we have created for families with children, click here.

Families With Children
Artisans and Smes

Artisans and Smes

We Are Restructuring Your Work Place Security

A locked door is not enough for work place security. We provide security for your employees and work place through our alarms that are developed by taking all theatres into account.

For More Profitable Days, Safety First!

We provide complete solutions to all security needs that may come about through work accidents, threats from the outside, sudden health problems or neglect.

The sensitive detectors of our alarm systems help prevent loss of life, property damage and potential other damages through taking measures and precautions fast at the first outbreak of a gas leak, flood or fire. Our panic alarm will always make you feel completely safe from outside threats.  If you desire, you can also add IP camera solutions to your packet and check if everything is up to scratch at work even when you are far away.

For further information about special packets we have created for artisans and smes, click here.

Our Family Elders

The Fastest Support For Our Family Elders

Even if we cannot always be with or visit our family elders when we want, now, because of technology you can be a part of their lives at every instant.

We Are With Our Elders When Needed

Tepe Güvenlik allows the oldest members of our families to not feel alone during their hardest times through our video alarm systems which allow you to follow whether or not they need an emergency medical intervention, to see if they have forgotten to taken their pills or even face an accidental fire.

For further information about special packets we have created for family elders, click here.

Our Family Elders
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