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Safer And More Profitable Days Are Possible

Our corporate alarm system solutions in which we combine technological innovations with our expert engineer staffs provide high protection in the most cost-effective way for your company.

With Tepe Security, our corporate alarm system solutions and alarm Monitoring Centre, we address a broad customer base.

While presenting our corporate alarm system solutions, we determine each institution as a separate project by identifying the needs of different sectors in the most accurate way. For example, a bank’s ATM located in Turkey’s most remote corner, a clothing store located in the city’s most crowded spot; with our expert engineers different needs are evaluated evaluate carefully from the discovery phase, and we provide the most cost effective high security.

We offer free electronic security consultancy support so that our customers can respond to any inquiries throughout any process they need.

The results that we have received due to our collaborations with leading institutions and pioneers in the field throughout all common networks within Turkey’s multi-point retail chain, such as textile, food, cosmetic, the country’s biggest banks and financial institutions to so many different sectors, positive feedback is quite gratifying.

While we solve all of your security vulnerabilities with our experienced and trusted corporate alarm system solutions, you will only benefit more in terms of your workflow, your goals, your investments and your focus on earning.

We Bring A New And Effective Dimension To Standard Security Understanding

Our new product called ‘Tepe Security Video Alarm Systems’ which is in the forefront in the last period brings security concept one-step further.

Unlike standard alarm systems, Tepe Security Video Alarm Systems offer our customers the opportunity to verify video within the presence of visual evidence. Our ‘Video Validated Alarm Systems’ can be controlled remotely as well as providing security for the field by responding to the needs of individual users as well as legal users.

How Does Verification Work with Video?

* In case of any unauthorized Access to your house or workplace, the camera motion detectors transmit a 10 second video of the event to the Tepe Alarm Monitoring Centre.
* The Tepe Alarm Monitoring Centre examines this video content to determine the cause and the reality of the alarm situation.
* When a real danger and violation of the protected area is detected, Tepe Alarm Centre is contacted with law enforcement officers.

Camera Systems

Do Not Miss Anything

CCTV, Closed Circuit Camera Systems designed in IP, Analog or Hybrid structures designed by your request, provide you with detailed monitoring in areas where you want full security. CCTV technology, which is one of most preferred electronic solutions for protection and security all over the world, is very explanatory for reaching more detailed information as well as displaying indoor/outdoor areas and common usage areas.

Follow All Details Through IP and Analog CCTV Systems

TEPE IP and Analogy CCTV Systems; are a perfect help for the detection of mistakes in work such as work accidents, employee performances, all entry and exit information, unjust claims and theft, taking necessary precautions, identifying the details that are overlooked allowing workflow to be carried out more efficiently. Tepe Security also provides electronic security consultancy services if you wish.

Corporate Solutions Camera Systems
Corporate Solutions Access Control and Parking Systems

Access Control and Parking Systems

Identify Your Boundaries, Let’s Protect Your Space

Card Pass Systems; are an effective method that provides maximum security for biometric readers from controlled access systems, mixed methods controlled from an ordinary door reader via internal networks, to provide personnel and workplace security as well as to protect the confidentiality of customer data.

It is possible to create comprehensive reports via card readers placed in the transit areas by using the Tepe Card Pass and Parking Systems, which allows the passengers to pass in or out of the area determined by the establishment.

Card Pass Systems, which are shaped according to the institutional preferences of the business, prevent the problems and threats that cause the business’s commercial activities to be interrupted.

In Card Pass Systems security can reach maximum level by providing complete control of authorization and time interval determination.

Fire Alarm and Emergency Announcement Systems

We Identify A Possible Fire Instantly

Tepe Fire Call Systems have been developed with the aim of minimizing the possibility of fire and preventing loss of life and property during fire.

The main function of the system is to find and extinguish the source of the fire in a short time.

Thanks to the sensitive fire detection feature of the Fire Alarm Systems, the warning systems work before the fire starts so that necessary precautions can be taken to avoid any loss.

Working Principles Of Fire Detection Systems

Basically there is a fire panel in the system. The panel evaluates the warnings from various types of detection elements (detectors, buttons, etc.) and activates the warning elements (sirens, flashers, etc.). According to its working principle, Fire Detection Systems are evaluated in two separate ways. These are Conventional Fire Detection Systems and Analogue Addressable Fire Detection Systems. Tepe Security provides services in both systems according to your needs.

Corporate Solutions Fire Alarm and Emergency Announcement Systems
Corporate Solutions Electromechanical Lock Systems

Electromechanical Lock Systems

More Durable, More Secure

Electromechanical Lock Systems, which operate with little energy, are an effective solution for controlling input and output points, especially for mobile and outdoor environments.

In particular, Electromechanical Lock Systems, which are preferred in places where there is a large crowd, such as off-site ATMs for banks and logistic sectors, are often preferred by all institutions that carry out their own shipments, from the retail sector to the cosmetic sector.

The lock and key relationship can be managed through mobile ways and the system can be operated and controlled through a calendar depending on who has the authority.

Temperature-Humidity Control and Automation Systems

We Control The Temperature And Humidity Values That You Specify

Our temperature – humidity control and automation systems are heavily favoured by businesses that have products that must be controlled with precision in terms of temperature and humidity.

From the health sector to the food sector, where it is not desirable to go beyond the desired temperature and humidity values, these systems are preferred in many areas. It is also frequently used in server rooms and drug warehouses.

With the temperature sensors available in our system, temperature can be set easily. Tepe Security Alarm Monitoring Centre operators can define individual upper and lower temperature limits for each sensor.

In the case of our users’ request, delay / wait times can be defined if the present limit for temperature is exceeded. For example, if the fridge door is opened, an alarm is issued after the completion of the predetermined 10-minute tolerance period instead of an immediate warning.

Our system can also make audible notification to the user when the temperatures are out of limits.

Corporate Solutions Temperature-Humidity Control and Automation Systems
TEPE Alarm Monitoring Centre

TEPE Alarm Monitoring Centre

Tepe Alarm Monitoring Centre started to provide service with ‘’Alarm Center Establishment and Operation Certificate’’ and ‘’Alarm System Establishment Certificate’’ approved The Governorship of Ankara, which was obtained from the General Directorate of Security of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Turkey on 25.11.2004.

Tepe Alarm Monitoring Centre activities will continue uninterrupted even in natural disasters or in the event of a breakdown 365 days / 24-hour in Turkey's 81 provinces. Our center constantly tracks the signals from the user's systems. It notifies the relevant security units according to a warning signal.

It is the first backup alarm Monitoring Centre that provides services in different regions of Turkey (Ankara - İstanbul). Tepe Alarm Monitoring Centre also provides a call center service where all kinds of information can be received in addition to alarm conditions.

Tepe Alarm Monitoring Centre operators have been selected from those with high experience and education.

All employees in the center have Security Identity Card in accordance with Law No. 5188.


  • Privacy at the Tepe Alarm Monitoring Centre is the basic principle. Authorizations are not processed without obtaining password information.
  • According to the request of the customers, if the system is set up and closed hours are specified in advance, the entry and exit violations made outside of the specified hours are notified by SMS or by direct call (according to the demand). These situations can also be reported to the customers.
  • If requested, the system can be regularly reported every day at what time, by whom it was established or closed.
  • During alarm evaluation procedures; type of alarm, zone, time and alternative intervention patterns are taken into consideration.
  • In the Tepe Alarm Monitoring Centre, all telephone calls made by customers and law enforcement officers are received in a computer environment without interruption and these records are kept for six months.
  • Alarm Monitoring Centre Operators make reminders by calling customers who have not installed the system for a long period of time.
  • System faults that cannot be detected by the users are signaled to the Tepe Alarm Monitoring Centre so system problems are intervened as soon as possible.
  • If the customer forgets to set up or shut down the customer system, the system can be activated or deactivated by remote connection depending on request.
  • If requested in workplaces, such as a bank, a jeweller or a marketplace, a secret panic button is inserted in the alarm system and a gun robbery and mugging attempts are transmitted to the Tepe Alarm Monitoring Centre. In this case Tepe Alarm Monitoring Centre calls the police directly.
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